Pennyroyal Mint

Plant Specifications

Mentha pulegium. Morning Sun. Height: generally low growing 3” When Blooming: 9-12”. Width: 24-30”
A very low growing, ground cover, keeps felas nad mosquitos away.

In the Garden

Pennyroyal Mint is a low growing mint that makes an excellent ground cover. Plant it in a well drained soil and with a hal-day of sun. Since this mint is a low growing mint that will grow out instead of up, it will not require much pruning. It will look great along patios, pathways, and in your garden but don’t forget that it is invasive and will spread out quickly. Cut your Pennyroyal back close to the ground in the winter and it will grow back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Pennyroyal Mint is a very small leaf mint that is primarily used as a ground cover. It has a strong mint aroma which is released when you step on it. The oils are used commercially to make flea repellant so this plant makes an excellent flea and aphid repellant in your garden. Pennyroyal can be used as a culinary herb, however, it has such a strong flavor and odor that it usually is not used in the kitchen.