Prostrate Germander

Plant Specifications Teucrium chamaedrys ‘Prostratum’. Perennial. Morning or Filtered Sun. Height: 4-6” Width: up to 30” A semi-woody plant, originally from the Mediterranean, Germander has small waxy green leaves that’s widely used as a short hedge or edging around formal herb gardens and flowerbeds. In the Garden When clipped frequently, Germander responds by forming a…


Upright Germander

Plant Specifications

Teucrium Chamaedrys. Hardy Perennial Full Sun. Height: 12” – 14.”
A short, low-growth shrub with small dark, thick leaves.

In the Garden

A native evergreen that is easily shaped for dramatic sculptures. Great for use as a border around rock and flower gardens.

Plant Uses

Primarily used as an ornamental for landscaping.