Peppermint Mint

Plant Specifications

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In the Garden

Peppermint needs a well drained soil and a half-day of sun. It is very invasive and will send out underground runners throughtout your garden so plant it in an isolated space or in a container. The leaves of this plant have serrated edges and are green with a slight purple tint. Prune your plant to promote additional growth and to keep it from growing into areas of your garden you don’t want it grow. In the Winter, cut the plant back to the ground and it will grow back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Peppermint is one of the most popular mints that we grow. One whiff of this plant will remind you of candy canes and chewing gum. Use the leaves to add the flavor of mint to chocolate, fruit salad, butter, oil, or vinegar. This is also a great mint to use when making mint jelly for your lamb roast. Studies also show that peppermint has many medicinal uses and is an excellent insect repellant.