Whirlybird Nasturtium

Plant Specifications Tropaeolum majus. Commonly called Indian Cress. Annual Morning Sun to Partial Shade Height: 10-14” Widths: 12” Upward facing, semi-double blossoms in a showy range of red shades. Free-blooming spicy-sweet flowers bloom in the fall and early spring. Nearly blue green leaves in low compact mound covered with a mass of blooms, a sturdier …

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Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Plant Specifications Nasturtium “Jewel Mixture” Tropaeolum majus. Annual Morning Sun Height: 16” One of the more popular Nasturtiums, a mix of singles and doubles of blossom petals of red, pink, orange and yellow. Gorgeous light green waterlily-shaped leaves highlight the vivid spurred blossoms of this brilliant vining nasturtium. A riot of rich color. In the …

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Alaska Nasturtium

Plant Specifications Tropaeolum majus. Annual. Morning to Filtered Sun. Height: 6-10” Widths: 6-9” Compact mounds of large flat rounded smooth leaves give way to intense cherry, orange and yellow blooms. A white variegated foliage with cream and green striped lily pad leaves. In the Garden This is primarily a fall or early spring plant, due …

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