Orange Mint

Plant Specifications

Mentha Aquatica. Perennial. Morning Sun or Filtered Shade. Height: 24” Width: 24”
The round shaped leaves are smooth surfaced and often tinted purple and red mounted on a dark red stem. As the weather cools the leaves will turn even more purple. It can grow tall, but grows bushlike. With blooms of lavender to red flowers in Summer.

In the Garden

This is a nice mint to use in Medieval garden. Like all mints it can thrive in almost any soil, but prefers the soil. The nutrient rich the soil the more lush the plant will become. Plant will spread by sending out runners. Likes filtered light and can be shaded off by another plant. A beautifully shaped plant for visual appeal. In Medevail gardens it kept away insect pest and diffused the smells of the city.

Plant Uses

Great for use in cooking, teas, punches. A heavenly perfumed mint with the taste and aroma of bergamot. Light and full of flavor, this mint is not as intense as other mints. This is our favorite dessert mint, use in teas especially combined with other herbs.