Corsican Mint

Plant Specifications

Mentha Requienii. Known as a perennial, however, here in the South Texas Heat we treat it as an Annual.
Morning Sun/Filtered Shade Height: ¾” Width: 12-18”
Corsican Mint is a species of mint, native to Corsica, Sardinia, France and Italy. It grows very close
to the ground and is desirable because it can be trod upon without dying, while giving off a pleasurable mint smell.

In the Garden

Corsican Mint is a very low growing ground cover that will grow out instead of up. It needs to be planted in an area that will not dry out and at the same time it needs to stay cool and moist. With this plant, too much water will cause the leaves to rot and too little water will kill the plant so a nice balance of water is key. It will help repel insects from your garden. In the Summer, Corsican Mint will produce blueish-purple flowers. If the winter is too cold, it will die back and then return in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Corsican Mint is used as the flavoring in the liquor creme de menthe. The sprigs of this low growing mint have a strong mint flavor and the tiny leaves can be used just like any other mint. Corsican mint grows a few centimeters above the ground and makes great groundcover along pathways and in between stones on a walkway. When someone steps on this plant it releases a strong mint fragrance.