Chocolate Mint

Plant Specifications

Chocolate Mint looks and tastes more like Peppermint than chocolate. Some people say they can taste or smell “chocolate” in the leaves but there are no oils or compounds in this plant that resemble chocolate.
The leaves look similar to Peppermint with dark brown or chocolate edges.

In the Garden

Chocolate Mint needs a well drained soil and does best with a half-day of sun. The most important thing to remember when planting mint is that it can be very invasive. The plant grows by sending out runners and if you are not careful your mint plant will take over your garden. It is best to grow your chocolate mint in a container or in an isolated spot in your garden so that your plant can be controlled. Chocolate Mint will develop flowers in the summer which will attract bees and butterflies.

Plant Uses

Chocolate and mint go hand in hand so any recipe you combining the two should turn out great. However, don’t use this mint as a substitute for chocolate because any chocolate flavor you might taste in the leaves will not come through in your finished product. Extract the minty flavor by putting the leaves in butter or oil and then using the strained liquid in your desserts.