Curled Mint

Plant Specifications

Menta spicata ‘Crispa’. Perennial, but in in South Texas, treated as an annual.
Plenty of sunlight but not the heat – Mints prefer ‘Cool’ sunlight (light or partial shade) Height: 12 – 18″
A taller mint that shows off bright green leaves that are curled. The taste and smell are similar to spearmint. Curly Mint
tends to be an aggressive grower. However, the heat of south texas often keeps Mints from getting too invasive.

In the Garden

Curled Mint needs a well drained soil and does best with a half-day of sun. It grows more upright than other mints and can reach a height of two feet. It is also very invasive like other mints so it is best to grow your curled mint in a container or in an isolated spot in your garden so that your plant can be controlled. Curled Mint will develop flowers in the summer which will attract bees and butterflies.

Plant Uses

It is primarily used as an ornamental garnish instead of cooking with it because other mints have better flavor. Curled mint has stiff stems which make it great to use as a stir stick in your favorite drink.