Caraway Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus Herba-Barona. Hardy Perennial. Sun. Height: 2” – 4” Width: up to 14.” Tiny pointed leaves on characteristically red stems that spread out creeping runners with a pleasant caraway scent.

In the Garden

Like most thymes, it prefers well-drained sandy or rocky soil and at least a half day of good sunlight. Water only to keep the plant’s base slightly moist, but never soggy or saturated. This thyme’s beautiful trailing stems and delicate lavender flowers are lovely planted in between rocks, stones and along pathways. In fact, Caraway Thyme is the only culinary ground cover time in the bunch. Herba-barona, its Latin name, came from its medieval use to freshen aging barons of beef.

Plant Uses

A beautiful plant that is great for hanging pots or low pots.
The scent of caraway fills your garden and works well for culinary use.