Coconut Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus Praecos subsp. Arcticus. Hardy Perennial. Sun. Height: 3” – 4”
A compact spreader with round leaves creating a bushy, mound-like growth.

In the Garden

Preferring cooler temperature, this thyme does best in south Texas during the Fall and Spring months. Hardy in cool weather, they can thrive well just before freezing temperatures. The Coconut is a ground spreader, preferring sandy or crushed granite, well-drained soil. Their lush growth is elegant falling over a rock border or between walkways. The Coconut Thyme does not smell or taste like coconut, but it blooms well and grows fast. Their blooms are a rich, dark pink, adding even another dimension in rugged terrain. One of the fatter blossoms in the creeping thyme group, Coconut Thyme grows quickly and is covered with flowers for about four weeks in late spring and early summer.

Plant Uses

More ornamental, this thyme is perfect for rocky areas and ground cover.