Wedgewood Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus Vulgarius ‘English Wedgewood, Well-Sweep’. Hardy Perennial. Sun. Height: 6” — 14”
An upright thyme that is a variety of English Thyme, with large variegated leaves.Normally defined as a perennial, we at Natures Herb Farm treat this thyme as an annual as it doesn’t do too well in high heat regions.

In the Garden

A robust and vigorous plant, the Wedgewood is a bit longer growing than most thyme selections, but in south Texas it will still need to be replaced every two or three years due to extreme heat. Bright yellow patches in the middle of the leaf with dark green edges presents a dynamic appearance. Perfect in containers, the Wedgewood Thyme prefers full sun with well drained soil. Prune frequently to keep the plant bushy. It blooms in May, with small pink flowers.

Plant Uses

Wonderful for ornamental and culinary uses. A bit sweeter and milder flavored than English thyme.