Lemon Verbena

“The Queen of lemon scented herbs.”

Plant Specifications

Aloysia triphylla. Perennial. Partial Sun. Height: up to 5” Width of 3’.
A woody shrub that goes dormant in the Winter, but leaves return in the Spring, much like a tree.
Slender branches have lance-shaped leaves up to 4” long.
Produces sprays of white and purple flowers in late Spring.

In the Garden

Great for rock gardens and rocky paths the stones keeping the roots cool. When brushing by the plant,
it releases a strong, lemon-lime-like flavor, with a fruity and penetrating aroma.
Lemon verbena thrives in containers or in the garden, but bring container grown plants inside
before first frost as they may drop leaves in Winter. In Spring, prune to maintain shape and size.
Fertilize in containers during the Summer. Seed sown indoors in Spring.

Plant Uses

Referred to as the Queen of the lemon scented herbs, the essential oil has been used in perfumes since the eighteenth century. The dried form retains its flavor well in potpourri or infused into wax for scented candles. Adds a refreshing taste for cool dishes such as marinades, salad dressings, vinegars, fruit desserts or ice creams. Its long pointed leaves can be used whole or chopped, but its rough, sharp edged leaves should be crushed before using for consumption.