Spicy Italian Oregano

Plant Specifications

Spicy Italian Oregano is a lot like Italian Oregano, but as the name might suggest it is spicier.
The leaves are narrower and slightly curl.

In the Garden

Spicy Italian Oregano is an invasive plant that can be controlled by routine pruning or by planting it in a container. It requires a well drained soil and full sun. Just like other types of Oregano, be sure to not overwater your plant. As temperatures get hotter, Spicy Italian Oregano will begin to flower and it is at this time that the flavor of the leaves is the strongest. It is +low growing and regular pruning will promote new growth and a bushier plant.

Plant Uses

It is primarily a culinary herb that is essential to Italian, Mexican, and Greek cooking. Use it in tomato sauces, on meat, fish, and vegetables. The leaves can be dried by cutting the stems, hanging them upside down, and then rubbing the leafy stems together between your hands to crumble the leaves. Leave the stems intact and discard.