Plant Specifications

Mentha x spicata . Perennial. Morning Sun/Filtered. Height 36” Width: 36”
Spearmint is the most commonly used culinary and medicinal mint. Pear shaped leaves with intense bright green color stems. with a serrated edge leaf. Smooth, lush growth, growing up and out. Very fast growing mint, a very aggressive spreader.

In the Garden

Spearmint needs a well drained soil and a half-day of sun. It is very invasive and will send out underground runners throughtout your garden so plant it in an isolated space or in a container. During the hot summer months, this mint will produce flowers that will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. Pruning your mint will promote additional growth and the new leaf growth are the best leaves to use in the kitchen. In the Winter, cut the plant back to the ground and it will grow back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Spearmint is by far our most popular mint. The leaves are very large and the flavor and aroma of spearmint are easily recognized. Spearmint is the plant used to make the popular Cuban drink, the “mojito”, which is made by smashing the mint leaves in the bottom of your glass and then adding lime juice, sugar, club soda, and rum. This is also a great mint to use with chocolate, fruit salads, teas, and to make mint jelly.