Red Stem Apple Mint

Plant Specifications

Mentha suaveolens. Perennial. Morning Sun/Filtered Shade. Height: 24” Width: 30-36”
Soft round fuzzy leaves and stems. Can grow as a carpet under fruit trees. With flowers are white to pink.
When blooming, around mid summer.

In the Garden

Red Stem Apple Mint needs a well drained soil and a half-day of sun. It is very invasive and will send out underground runners throughout your garden so plant it in an isolated space or in a container. During the hot summer months, this mint will produce purple flowers that will attract butterflies and bees to your garden. In the Winter, cut the plant back to the ground and it will grow back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Red Stem Apple Mint is the only mint that has the aroma and taste of both Spearmint and Peppermint. It is great in fruit salads, teas, and in fruit pies. The red stems and pointy green leaves make a great garnish. If you are making sun tea, then put some of the Red Stem Apple Mint leaves in the container and enjoy.