Salem Rosemary

Plant Specifications

Rosemarinus officinalis ‘Salem’. (Bushy Blue) Perennial. Full Sun. Height 18” – 36”.
Originally cultivated from Old Salem North Carolina, a lovely upright growing Rosemary with beautiful blue-violet blossoms. This Rosemary is also considered as a ‘Bushy Blue.’

In the Garden

A ‘bushy’ Rosemary that works beautifully as a hedging plant or accent at the edge of borders. This hardy, fast-growing evergreen shrub has an upright, rounded form and attractive flowers. This Rosemary thrives better in landscaping than in a pot. Shiny green, needlelike leaves are aromatic. It bears small blue flowers in early spring and is appreciated for its strong, pine-like fragrance. Deer resistant. Like all other Rosemarinus Officinalis, it prefers to grow in rocky, well drained soil with good sunlight.

Plant Uses

Salem rosemary’s striking beauty is primarily used for landscaping rather than culinary.