Santa Barbara Rosemary

Plant Specifications

Rosemarinus officinalis lavandulaceous cv, ‘Santa Barbara’. Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 2’
Also known as the Trailing or Creeping Rosemary, this plant climbs over itself and easily reaches length of three feet or more if not pruned.

In the Garden

The trailing effect of the Santa Barbara Rosemary is especially stunning when, like other rosemary’s, it
produces miniature pale blue Iris-like blooms in late Spring/early Summer. A vigorous grower, it will do well in a hanging pot for
a brief time, but to get a really nice plant, grow it outdoors, in raised beds or with tiered rocks. Some herb enthusiasts believe that planting a rosemary by your front door will bring you good luck. Drought resistant and heat hardy, this rosemary is easy to
grow in very hot climates.

Plant Uses