Pineapple Mint

Plant Specifications

Mentha suaveolens. Perennial. Morning Sun/Filtered Shade. Height 12” Width: 18”
A variegated applemint with round pale, leaves but a scent like pineapple. Small wrinkled variegated leaves, like a
yellow to a lime color varigation. Very striking and showy mint.

In the Garden

Pineapple Mint needs a well drained soil and a half-day of sun. It is very invasive and will send out underground runners throughout your garden so plant it in an isolated space or in a container. The leaves of this plant feel like soft felt and are green and cream in color. Make sure you prune any leaves that do not have the cream color because leaves that are solid green are actually Apple Mint which will take over the plant if not cut off. In the Winter, cut the plant back to the ground and it will grow back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Pineapple Mint has a fruity aroma and taste that is very similar to pineapple. It is great in fruit salads, tea, and the green and cream colored leaves make a great garnish on any plate. Use the leaves in a pineapple glaze on your ham for a minty sweet and sour finish to your dish.