Pistou Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum basilicum ‘Pistou’. Partial Sun. Tender Annual. Height 8”
A dwarf basil that has rich green leaves half the size of other basils and a delectable mild flavor.
Perfect for small pots or containers, it grows as a round, compact shrub.

In the Garden

Pistou basil has very small leaves and grows in a compact ball shape that only gets about 12″ in diameter. It will grow great in a garden or in a pot. If space is an issue in your home then this is the basil for you because it does great in a pot, tastes great, and stays small and compact. It has white blooms which should be trimmed off to promote additional growth. Unlike other flowering basils, it will bloom later in the growing season.

Plant Uses

Mary Dunford found this basil while traveling in Maine and decided she had to have it at her farm. It is a nice sweet italian basil that goes great in a salad, vegetables, pesto or tomato sauce. You can also use it to add flavor to fish, chicken, and soups. The leaves are very small and grow in clusters so when you are using this basil it is okay to chop the stems and leaves together as long as the stems are tender.