Purple Ruffle Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum basilicum ‘Purple Ruffle’. Partial Sun. Tender Annual . Height: 1 ½’
This a beautiful form of basil that has ruffled jagged leaves. The scent and flavor are slightly different from sweet basil with more licorice and cinnamon flavor.

In the Garden

Purple Ruffles basil will often vary in color, leaf shape, and plant size depending on where you buy your plant because the seeds vary genetically. Our version of purple ruffle basil is large and “floppy” with little green color in the leaves. Generally, as temperatures cool down the leaves will turn darker purple. This basil is very hardy and will do great in the full sun in well drained soil.

Plant Uses

Purple Ruffles basil does not have a distinct flavor and can be described as bland and unflavorful. The leaves can be used to make a herbal vinegar that will be pink in color. The leaves make a great garnish on your plate and look great in flower arrangements. The ruffled purple leaves also make a great addition to your garden by adding lots of color.