Mountain Greek Oregano

Plant Specificatins

Oreganum Vulgarius (mountain greek). Sun. Perennial. Height: 10-12” Can Spread up to 24” wide.
Also known as Wild Oregano, this oregano is referred to as Mountain Greek because the seeds come from the mountains of Greece. Has a very strong and spicy hot flavor.

In the Garden

This oregano is a great plant for the herb garden, due to its ease of growth and ability to spread.
Prefers almost any kind of soil conditions, but prefers well drained soil or in raised beds. Needs room to spread and have air circulation. Because its grown in the mountains and thus mildly dryer conditions, heavy rains can encourage root rot.

Plant Uses

Its strong flavor may suitable for culinary use, but its potent oils – expressed through its hot,spicy flavor
– are frequently used a lot in healing and medicinal uses. This is known to us as the “Wild Oregano Oil.”