Rosenkuppel Oregano

Plant Specifications

Origanum laevigatum ‘Rosenkuppel’. Perennial. Sun. Height: 12-16”
Primarily an ornamental oregano, it makes a sprawling clump of dark green and burgundy leaves that explode with rich lavender blooms in mid-summer. It is winter hardy and has an aromatic scent.

In the Garden

This beautiful Oregano thrives in well-drained soil in a Sunny spot. Bees, Butterflies and Birds are attracted to its rich lavender blooms. It is drought tolerant and does well in containers. A very versatile, easy-to-please plant that fits well in many places.

Plant Uses

Its leaves don’t have a strong enough flavor to use in cooking, but the plants are nicely fragrant. An absolute aromatic and visual delight in the garden or to use for dried arrangements.