Mexican Mint Marigold

Plant Specifications

Tagetes lucida. Perennial. Full Sun. Height 3’ Width 2’
A neat, upright bush with narrow, sharply toothed dark green leaves. When other herbs have played
out for the season, it blooms in fall with small buttercup yellow flowers. Beautiful in the garden.

In the Garden

A native of south Texas, its ease of growth is perfect for beginning herb gardeners. It thrives in the hot, humid south. Dies down in winter, then returns in Spring. Grasses through the wintertime, trim back the woody part to encourage spring growth.

Plant Uses

Is used for medicinal uses, or in fresh and dry arrangements, as flowers keep a bright yellow color when dried. Makes a perfect substitution for French tarragon and makes delicious sun-brewed tea. Those with a sweet tooth tend to love this herb and its often used to add flavor for tea brews. Very soothing for stomach and safe to give to a child for colic. The tea becomes stronger the longer the plant is steeped. Excellent for green salads, poultry and fish cooking. Be careful with these herbs, since a little goes a long way: too much can make your dish bitter.