Lemon Grass

Plant Specifications

Cymbopogon citatus. Perennial. Full to mostly Sun. Height: up to 28”
A native of India, lemongrass is a stalky, grass-like plant with a lemony scent and used in Thai and Vietnamese cooking. The foliage on a healthy lemongrass plant is bright green with graceful, grass-like stalks.

In the Garden

As it is coveted for its flavor, lemongrass is an equally beautiful addition to any garden. Easy to grow, It thrives in warm climates but it does prefer a lot of water. Plant in a warm, sheltered spot in full sun, in moist, well-drained soil in the Summertime to ensure a large clump of grass. In Asia, you’ll see lemongrass thrive in even muddy waters, but do fine here in Texas. It is recommended to mulch for winter as it is not winter hardy, can die with a hard freeze. Can be grown in containers. Excellent mosquito repellent.

Plant Uses

Widely used in Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean and Asian cooking and has become quite popular in the United States.
A very pungent herb, it provides a rich lemony flavor and aroma. The entire stalk of the grass can be used. The grass blade can be sliced very fine and added to soups. The bulb can be bruised and minced for use in a variety of recipes. Lemongrass is also thought to have numerous health benefits, especially when used in combination with other Thai spices such as garlic, fresh chilies and coriander. Chopping leaves off about 6-8 inches and crushed can be used for tea. Thick stem at base provides the meaty part used for Asian cuisine.