Lamb’s Ear

Plant Specifications

Stachys byzantine. Hardy Perennial. Full Sun. Height: 2’ Width of 2’.
Fuzzy, silvery soft green leaves are often used in children’s gardens because of the soft, rabbit-like leaves. Spikes of tall flowers come in shades of pink/purple or white, in the late spring or early summer. Its soft, silvery color is a striking addition to any garden.

In the Garden

Lamb’s Ears are favored for their foliage, rather than their flowers yet some gardeners find the flower spikes charming, but one can cut off the flowers to encourage more foliage. Bees love the fragrant flowers. Lamb’s Ears spreading nature makes them good candidates for frequent (2-4 years) division and transplant very easily. Very easy to grow in well drained soil but dies off during the hot summer months in South Texas. The plant comes back when cooler temperatures return.

Plant Uses

Predominately used as an ornamental, large lambs ear leaves were used during the Civil for bandages.