Hyacinth Bean

Plant Specifications

Iberis amara. Annual. Sun. Height: up to 20’
A dark purple vine, covered with deep green leaves and maroon pods that climbs, twining around fences, posts or trellises. The blooms are spikes of fragrant, pea-like purple flowers that bloom from
early summer to early winter.

In the Garden

All the hyacinth beans we grow here at Nature’s Herb Farm are provided by Mary’s Father, who harvests and dries the beans for propagation. Produces beautiful purple flowers in late summer.
Grows rapidly in a single season. Grows well in south texas, you can save the beans and plant for next year.

Plant Uses

Primarily grown ornamentally, the beans are edible. Great for cut flowers, can be dried. A sturdy climber that creates privacy next to a fence building, with plenty of support for growth. Pods are sometimes used in Asian, Tai and Indian cooking.