Jewel Mix Nasturtium

Plant Specifications

Nasturtium “Jewel Mixture” Tropaeolum majus. Annual Morning Sun Height: 16”
One of the more popular Nasturtiums, a mix of singles and doubles of blossom petals of red, pink, orange and yellow. Gorgeous light green waterlily-shaped leaves highlight the vivid spurred blossoms of this brilliant vining nasturtium. A riot of rich color.

In the Garden

Wonderful for use as a climbing riot of color on a fence or around a tree or trellis. Works beautifully in a small garden atrium. These easy-to-grow plants produce colorful double blooms in light yellow, orange and deep red, and bloom until frost. Growing in a high pot the vines can trail out and over the edge, sit in the garden, and trim back. Seeds will drop into the garden. In the winter bring the plant in and in Spring place back in the garden. Don’t be surprised to find some volunteers appear! Perfect for hanging baskets and colorful ground cover. Trim the plant back for new growth, try to protect from freezes either bring indoors or cover. Don’t worry if your nasturtium doesn’t make it, its likely the seeds will offer new plants wherever the plant is placed either in a pot or in ground.

Plant Uses

Leaves and Flowers are edible, offering a peppery sweet taste. Often appreciated for its colorful foliage, this nasturtium’s blooms make a lightly spicy edible garnish, too! To Harvest, For the best fresh-cut flowers, harvest in the morning when the flowers are their freshest and the petals are just opening.