Alaska Nasturtium

Plant Specifications

Tropaeolum majus. Annual. Morning to Filtered Sun. Height: 6-10” Widths: 6-9”
Compact mounds of large flat rounded smooth leaves give way to intense cherry, orange and yellow blooms. A white variegated foliage with cream and green striped lily pad leaves.

In the Garden

This is primarily a fall or early spring plant, due to the Texas heat. Grow very well in containers and hanging baskets. Planting compost-rich soil appears to proliferate leaf growth over blooms, while planting in clay soil it blooms prolifically! Great grown in your vegetable or flower garden. Plants will reseed and sprout. A tender plant that needs to be protected during freezing temps. We found that the Nasturtiums do provide seeds for the next year. Can be grown from seed.

Plant Uses

The plant is edible from the flower to the root of the plant with a very peppery-sweet. Great to use in stuffings, cream cheeses and guacamoles. It is often used in salads, garnishes and soups, it is much appreciated
for its foliage and striking variegation.