Hopley’s Oregano

Hopley's Oregano2

Plant Specifications

Specs: Oregano laevigatum (hopley’s purple) Perennial. Half Day Sun. Height: 6-10” when blooming up to 14” tall.
Spread up to a width of Dark purple, green foliage, very attractive with its light scent and flowers.
Blooms a lot throughout the Summer, from May through August.

In the Garden

Hopley’s Oregano is generally considered to be drought resistant but it is not winter hardy. Plant it in a well-drained soil where it will get full sun and be sure to not overwater. The foliage is low growing but the flower stalks can reach up to 2 feet in height. Pruning will help keep your plant from becoming overgrown and when it dies back in the winter, simply cut it back to the ground and it will usually come back in the Spring.

Plant Uses

Hopley’s Oregano is more of an ornamental oregano, but it can also be used as a culinary herb. It has a mild “oregano” flavor when compared to other types of Oregano. In the garden, Hopley’s Oregano produces hundreds or even thousands of tiny purple or lavender color blooms. You can harvest the flowers when they are brightest and use them in fresh flower arrangements or dry them by hanging them upside down.