Greek Oregano

Plant Specifications

reganum vulgare hirtum. Full Sun. Hardy Perennial. Height: 14” Width:
Spreads up to 2-3’. A very hot, spicy flavored culinary oregano.

In the Garden

Greek Oregano is an invasive plant that will quickly spread throughout your garden so you will have to cut it back often or plant it in a container to keep it under control. It requires well drained soil, at least 6 hours of sun, and be careful not to overwater as too much moisture can be destructive. Greek Oregano does best in the Spring and Fall when temperatures are cooler. As temperatures rise in the Summer, it will begin to put on white flowers. Routine harvesting will promote new growth.

Plant Uses

If you are looking for a culinary Oregano, then this might be just the plant for you. Greek Oregano is one of the most popular types of Oregano to use in the kitchen. It is a staple in Italian and Meditteranean cooking. Greek Oregano can be used in tomato sauces, with all types of meat, fish, cheeses, and with vegetables such as squash. Finally, the flavor of Greek Oregano is thought to be slightly spicier and stronger than Italian Oregano.