Dittany of Crete Oregano

Plant Specifications

Dittany of Crete Oregano gets its’ name from the Isle of Crete in Greece which is the only place it grows wild. It only grows to a height of about 4 inches and will put on numerous flower stalks with tiny pink flowers. Since it grows naturally in the mountains of Crete, try planting it in a rock garden or in a crevice of a rock wall to simulate its’ natural environment. Make sure it gets plenty of sun and do not overwater.

In the Garden

It makes a great ornamental plant with its’ bright pink flowers and fuzzy grayish-green oval shaped leaves.
It is low growing and looks great in a hanging basket or in a rock garden.

Plant Uses

Dittany of Crete Oregano is generally not used as a culinary herb but it is edible and is milder in taste than traditional Oregano.