Gotu Kola

Plant Specifications

Centella asiatica. Perennial. Cool Morning or Filtered Sun Height:
Also known as centella and Indian pennywort, is a creeping vine found growing in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Small sized leaves hug the ground as a ground cover, rooting at the nodes as it spreads over the ground. Leaves are kidney-shaped with a v-shaped slot where the leaf joins the stem. The serrated edges on the leaves gives them the appearance of miniature fans.

In the Garden

A tender perennial, it will freeze in the Winter. Grows well in low growing pots and prefers moist conditions. Is sometimes called the “Swamp Pennywort” because of its tendency to grow in damp places, much like a mint plant.

Plant Uses

Predominately used as a culinary and medicinal herb. Its distinct flavor makes it perfect for making teas and salads. Its medicinal uses are legendary, having been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic medicine to improve memory and maintain a healthy central nervous system. Known as the “brain” herb, students will often take it when studying for tests, both for renewed energy levels as well as revitalizing brain cells. Recent clinical studies support this tradition.