Prostrate Germander

Plant Specifications

Teucrium chamaedrys ‘Prostratum’. Perennial. Morning or Filtered Sun. Height: 4-6” Width: up to 30”
A semi-woody plant, originally from the Mediterranean, Germander has small waxy green leaves that’s widely used as a short hedge or edging around formal herb gardens and flowerbeds.

In the Garden

When clipped frequently, Germander responds by forming a solid mass of leaves which are aromatic and beloved of cats. A winter Hardy plant in Texas, it stays green during the winter and can thrive in poor to average, well drained soil.
Germander’s stint as a beautiful foliage plant ends when Summer begins. Then it becomes a real stunner as it blooms along short little flower spikes. The flowers appear on one side of these spikes; tubular, with a large lower lip and colored a pastel rosey pink. You can cut the plants back after blooming to encourage new blooms and growth.

Plant Uses

Primarily used for evergreen ornamental in the garden. During one of Mary’s travels to Mt. Vernon, she discovered George Washington was a big fan of this plant. Used a lot in knot and formal gardens. Germander, like Yarrow, was once used as a cure for gout or thought to be a powerful protection against snakebites.