Elfin Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus Praecox Articus ‘Elfin’. Hardy Perennial. Partial and/or morning Sun. Height: 2”
One of the most popular, very low growing thymes here at Natures Herb Farm. It’s glossy, green leaves grow in thick clumps that spread easily. Rich lavender blooms erupt throughout the plant making it a fragrant carpet for walkways and paths.

In the Garden

An evergreen herb that prefers cooler temperatures, it usually thrives about 2 years in the south Texas heat.
Will thrive in crush granite, between stones, in well-drained soil. Great for walkways and paths, hillsides and rock garden paths, when stepped on releases a delicious thyme scent. Most thymes prefer cooler temperatures and don’t do well in high humidity or high heat.
Grows well in a shallow container. Rootballs can be divided for propagation.

Plant Uses

Both ornamental and culinary uses. Excellent for use in many dishes, particularly meat, fowl, soups and stews.