Doonevalley Thyme

Plant Specifications

Thymus vulgaris ‘Dune Valley.’ Hardy Perennial. Sun. Height: 3” – 4”
Dark green, glossy leaves which develop variegation during the growing season. A mounding thyme with a delightful lemon scent and rose pink blooms.

In the Garden

Thymes tend to bloom in early May here in south Texas. Doonevalley Thyme will become more variegated during the growing season, with green and gold leaves. As the intense growing seasons of Spring and Fall ebb, the variegation will lessen and the leaves return to a green color. Great in low growing pots or tucked away in rocks, does best in well drained sandy soil. It will not do well in heavy clay or moist soil.

Plant Uses

Ornamental Landscaping or pots and enjoying its lemon scent. Not for culinary use.