Catmint Six Hill Giant

Plant Specifications

Nepeta Six Hills Giant. Perennial. Full Sun to Mostly Sunny. Height: up to 3’
The taller Catmint is among the hardiest of the Nepetas and has a much longer period of flowering. The plants are broad and vigorous, with prolific flowers, the color of deep violet blue.

In the Garden

It will grow as a low, soft grey mat smothered with blossoms in the Summer. Spent flowers should be sheared off to promote bloom. Rabbit resistant, loves sun and tolerates dry conditions, its perfect for south Texas gardeners. Cut back to the ground at the end of winter. One of the best plants to edge or underplant a rose bed. Cats enjoy it as much as catnip.

Plant Uses

Besides the delight of your cat or enjoying its unique beauty in the garden, its lovely scent and flowers also attract hummingbirds.