Plant Specifications

Nepeta cataria. Perennial. Half Sun. Height: up to 3’ Width: 18”
Sprawling stems with triangular, toothed, 2 inch long leaves smelling of camphor, thyme and pennyroyal.
Leaves and stems are covered with a downy white fuzz. Small tubular white edible flowers bloom in the Summer

In the Garden

Catnip prefers average, well-drained soil with bright, but not overly hot, sunlight. Can be seed sown directly into the garden in Spring or Autumn. Self sows and can be divided in the Spring. Excellent for containers. Planting near vegetables is said to deter fleas, beetles and aphids.

Plant Uses

Young leaves are wonderful in green salads or tea. Add leaves to stews or rub meat with them before roasting. Make stuffed “mice” with dried leaves as toys for cats. An infusion of catnip leaves internally to relieve colds, fevers, insomnia, nervous tension, indigestion or diarrhea. Helps externally to relieve scalp irritations.