Plant Specifications

Borago officinalis. Annual. Cool (morning) or Partial Sun. Height: up to 2’ tall Width: 18”
Hollow, bristly sprawling stems and bristly oval leaves up to 6 inches long. Star-shaped, one inch flowers, which bloom pink then mature to blue.

In the Garden

Prefers humus-rich, sandy and moist, well-drained soil in cool, yet sunny spot. Great for growing in containers. Remove faded flowers to prolong flowering. Borage is known to improve insect or disease resistance in nearby plants. Excellent companion plant to strawberries due to its attraction to bees.

Plant Uses

The flowers are delicious in iced drinks, punch, ice cubes, green or fruit salads, vinegars or over sliced tomatoes. Cucumber-flavored leaves are a flavorful addition in soups, greens, salads, butters, cheese or yogurt dips, fish, poultry, eggs, teas and sorbets. Combines well with dill, mint and garlic. Fresh cut flowers in bouquets and dried flowers in potpourris. Leaf infusions are taken internally for colds, coughs, fevers insomnia or nervous tension. Also used in poultices for bruises or irritated skin.