Jacob Cline Bee Balm

Bee Balm - Jacob Kline2

Bee Balm - Jacob Kline

Plant Specifications

Monarda, ‘Jacob Cline.” Perennial. Partial Sun. Height 3′ – 4′ Width can spread to 3’.
Leaves are smooth to hairy. Blooms in late Spring, with large, striking red clusters. Very dramatic in the garden.

In the Garden

This plant is in the mint family and requires moist soil and frequent watering. The height of its blooms makes a dramatic effect up next to a fence or building. Divide clumps in early Spring for better flowering results. Trim back close to the ground during Summer months while the plant rests during hot weather. Bees are attracted to the blossoms.

Plant Uses

Bee Balm’s striking red flowers are beautiful in fresh arrangements and the long stems of the flowers
are perfect for bundling, hanging and drying.