Albahaca Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum micranthum ‘Albahaca Abundante’. Sun to Partial Sun. Hardy Annual. Height: 50cm
Commonly called “Abundate basil,” this variety is considered a rare species. However, it is a hardy species and can be grown any time of the year. The leaves are oval and slightly toothed and the flowers are white or purple. (O. basilicum looks very similar, but grows a bit taller: 50-80cm).

In the Garden

Albahaca basil goes great in a flower or vegetable garden. The flowers are excellent at attracting bees and butterlies. It is fast growing and will grow very large. It will flourish in the full sun and requires little maintenance because it can handle too much water or not enough water. The purple color on the leaves and the flowers will add color to your garden and is beautiful throughout the growing season.

Plant Uses

Albahaca basil is exclusive to Nature’s Herb Farm. It was discovered and grown by Mary Dunford, Owner of Nature’s Herb Farm, over 15 years ago. It is similar to sweet basil but it has purple variegation on the leaves and has purple flowers. Albahaca is spanish for the word basil and is very popular in the Hispanic culture. It makes great pesto and goes great with oil, tomatos, cheeses, salads, and sauces. The leaves can also be used to make tea for medicinal uses.