African Blue Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum ‘African Blue’ or (Ocimum ‘Dark Opal’ x O. kilimandscharicum) Annual Full Sun Height: 3′-4

In the Garden

African Blue Basil is a cross between Dark Opal Basil and Camphor Basil. It is sterile and won’t produce seeds so it is reproduced using propagation. African Blue Basil is one of the hardiest basils but it still will not survive the winter if it is too harsh. It will grow as wide as it does tall with sufficient water and nutrient rich soil. Like all basils, it prefers full sunlight.

Plant Uses

African Blue Basil is generally not used as a culinary herb. It is more commonly used as an ornamental and in flower arrangements. New leaves are purple and then fade to green with purple veins as the leaf matures. The plant produces long purple flower spikes and adds color to your garden as it thrives almost all year long.