Amethyst Basil

Plant Specifications

Ocimum basilicum ‘Amethyst’ Annual Full Sun Height: 16″-20″

In the Garden

Amethyst Basil is a Genovese basil that has thick, turned down leaves with a similar shape to Sweet Basil. It is the only Genovese basil that is purple in color. It needs moderately rich soil and full sun. It is not drought resistant so make sure you keep it properly watered. The leaves are very fragile and are susceptible to bruising in high winds and during harvest so handle with care. Remove the flowers to prevent the leaves from becoming bitter. This basil is very “floppy” in appearance and will not grow upright like other basils.

Plant Uses

This culinary basil is dark purple or almost black in color. The flavor of the leaves is very sweet and tastes very similar to the popular Sweet Genovese Basil. However, it is best to use the leaves in a fresh salad or on a sandwich instead of using them in a sauce or pesto dish. When using Amethyst basil in sauces or pesto the color of the leaves will be very dark or grey in color which makes the appearance of the dish unappetizing. Your pesto will taste great, but it will look like it sat in the refrigerator two weeks too long.