Vera Lavender

Plant Specifications

Vera Lavender is thought to be the first species of lavender in the world. It is also widely known as English Lavender but our English and Vera lavender are very different. Our English lavender has floppy branches whereas our Vera lavender is more upright. Vera Lavender is in the same lavender family as Munstead and English which is called the “English Lavender” family. It is more upright in appearance than the other lavenders in the family and will grow to be two to three feet tall.

In the Garden

Be careful not to overwater your lavender. It needs well drained soil and full sun because it doesn’t like wet feet. Prune your lavender after it has bloomed to promote additional growth and to maintain its’ shrub-like appearance.

Plant Uses

Vera Lavender is used for its oil and strong lavender scent that is very relaxing and soothing. Use the fresh cut or dried stems to make hand bouquets that can be placed on the table or left in a windowsill to add color and fresh scent to your home. Also, place to fresh cut stems in bath water and have a relaxing experience in the bath.