Plant Specifications

Artemisia dracunculus. Perennial. Morning to partial Sun. Height: 1’ Width: 10.5”. Upright sprawling stems grow fleshy, pointed leaves up to 3” long. Blooms in Summer with tiny, greenish-white ball shaped flowers.

In the Garden

Does not care for hot, humid temps and needs rich, well-drained soil. A heavy feeder, tarragon needs regular pruning and fertilizer. Be careful not to overwater, as the plant goes dormant. Here at Nature’s Herb Farm, we allow the plant to rest during very cold weather (do not cover to protect the plant) to provide good growth in the Spring. The roots prefer that cold freeze to stimulate growth. You can provide this by splashing the plant with ice-cold water.

Plant Uses

The sophisticated flavor of tarragon, sweet anise with a bite, has made it essential in French cooking. Highly demanded by Chefs, tarragon is generally added at the end of cooking to prevent bitterness. It blends particularly well with parsely, chervil, garlic and chives. A little goes a long way, so use lightly in cooking. Mexican mint marigold tastes very similar and makes an excellent substitute.