Sweet Woodruff

Plant Specifications

Galium odoratum. Perennial. Shade. Hardy to 20 degrees. Height: 6-8”
Wiry, fragrant stems with whorls of six to eight long, pointed dark green leaves. As a deciduous
ground cover, it spreads through the garden with creeping stolons. Small clusters of delicate,
star-shaped white flowers appear in the Spring.

In the Garden

Generally prefers more northern Texas climates since it does not care for hot temperatures.
Likes rich soil and moisture, perfect for growing in shaded areas. A useful companion plant beneath
other plants in a woodland area.

Plant Uses

When dried, sweet woodruff has a scent that combines vanilla and newly mown hay. The calming smell makes it useful for scenting linens and stuffing pillows. In Germany, sweet woodruff as been used soaked in wine, but not recommended to take internally, especially by those who use blood thinners.