Silver Yarrow

Plant Specifications

Achillea ‘Moonshine’ (A. clypeolata x A ‘Taygetea’) Perennial. Height: 12” – 18” Width: 10’ – 12’ wide.
An ancient herb from roman times, it is a favorite because of its beautiful silver leaves.
An upright and compact hybrid with short flowerheads.

In the Garden

Great for a rock garden because of its striking silver colors. Grows well in containers. This plant has a long blooming season. Trim back flowers to entourage more blooming. After blooming period, plant needs rest, but will come back again in early spring. Prefers low water conditions and tends toward root rot from overwatering.

Plant Uses

Great for cut flowers and long lasting in dry arrangements. Plant is pleasantly fragrant when crushed, makes deliciously fragrant potpourris. Repels insects in the garden.