Plant Specifications

Ruta Graveolens. Perennial. Propagated with seeds or cuttings. Partial Sun. Height: 2’
An evergreen shrub with striking, blue-green foliage that bears small yellow flowers. Lobe-like leaves emit such an intense smell, rarely does one forget it. Due to its smell, it was used in ancient times to ward of the plague.

In the Garden

What is significant about the rue is that the plant grows just about in all places. However, it flourishes in somewhat protected and arid conditions. Caution** When working with or next to, gardeners should be careful in rubbing up next to the plant. This plant’s intense oils, when released and warmed by the sun, can produce burns. We strongly recommend using gloves when handling this plant. The rue is propagated by seeds and has the capability to survive for long periods even in unfavorable conditions.

Plant Uses

Predominately used as a medicinal herb, its horrible scent repels cats from using your garden as a ‘litterbox.’ Can be used in teas with a little honey to aid congestion and bronchitis. Helps to calm and aid with menstrual issues. Dried and crushed leaves can also be used on insect bites.