Red Pineapple Sage

Plant Specifications

Salvia elegans ‘Pineapple Scarlet.’ Hardy Perennial. Morning to Partial Sun. Height 18” – 36”.
A semiwoody deciduous (a plant that grows and rests) subshrub with square stems, light fuzzy green leaves, with herbaceous stems and rich red flowers that bloom in the Spring and Fall.

In the Garden

The Red Pineapple Sage is a delightfully easy garden plant to grow as well as being a great addition to any garden or landscape for color and fragrance. Here in South Texas, they bloom in Spring and Fall and in the Summer they tends to rest. It prefers humus-rich moist soil and grows rapidly. It blooms in the Fall and Spring with beautiful bright red tubular flowers that hummingbirds and butterflies cannot resist. Bruising a leaf or two of the Pineapple Sage when walking through the garden emits as much fragrance as lavender plants. During its resting period in the Summer prune the plant back ¾ down to encourage new growth in fall.

Plant Uses

Use the flowers of this aromatic, fruity herb in fruit salads or as garnish for summer drinks. Mince a couple handfuls of the Pineapple sage leaves to add in cream cheese for a fruity, cheesy spread, in sorbet or steep the leaves in hot apple juice. Mary Dunford enjoys taking the flowers and using them in salads and deserts as they add a fresh pineapple flavor.