Plant Specifications

Pogostemon heyneanus. Tender Perennial. Morning to Partial Sun (‘cool’ sun) Height; 2’ Width 2’
A native of East India, this luxuriant perennial herb does well in warm, tropical climates. The plant has stems that have square shapes and bears soft, elliptical leaves that emit an aroma when rubbed. Creates spikes that bear whorls of flowers whose colors vary from creamy white to pale purple.

In the Garden

Does best in low growing flower containers or shallow pots. Patchouli grows well in hot weather conditions, but cannot thrive in direct sunlight. In case the plant dries up owing to inadequate watering, it has the aptitude to recuperate easily when it is watered again. Its rapid growth prefers rich soil that contains lots of nutrients. The seed-bearing flowers of patchouli herb are very aromatic and blossom during the later part of the fall. The plant will die back in the Fall, but return in the Spring, propagated by its seeds.

Plant Uses

Grown more for its aromatic fragrances than its flowers, used in perfumes, soaps, bathwater and oils.
The harvested leaves are either dried or distilled by steam to obtain the fragrant essential oil.
Can be used as an insect repellent; East Indians have used it to repel moths.