Onion Chives

Plant Specifications

Allium schoenoprasum. Half Day Sun and Filtered Shade. Perennial. Height: 12” tall.
A clumping herb, chives have tubular leaves with purple flowers with a mild onion flavor.
Does well in containers and confined spaces.

In the Garden

In the Texas area, Onion Chives grow best when kept in a container but will also make a great addition to your garden. The plant requires moist soil but be careful not to over-water. Too much pruning will keep the purple flowers from blooming in the summer. However, pruning the onion chives to the ground will make the plant grow back thicker so use your chives on a regular basis.

Plant Uses

Onion Chives are a delicate member of the onion family. The entire plant can be used with the exception of the roots. They have a mild onion flavor that is great in soups, eggs, omelettes, potatoes, cheese, vegetables, and meat dishes. Use it as a substitute for onions. You can use it during the cooking process or chop the leaves and use them as a seasoning at the table.